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Why Nicaragua?

Many savvy investors consider Nicaragua to be the LAND OF OPPORTUNITY and the last true FRONTIER. Now is your CHANCE to get in on the ground floor of the Nicaraguan LAND RUSH by owning a piece of PARADISE. Few OPPORTUNITIES exist anywhere in the world like you'll find in Nicaragua. You can own some of the most beautiful property for 10 to 50 times less than you would pay in the United States. These rock-bottom property prices have made Nicaragua the new "hot spot" to buy real estate. Any foreigner may own property in Nicaragua.

Nicaragua has had a stable pro-business government for over 10 years, the fastest growing economy in Central America and the most attractive tourism-incentive law in Latin America. It is not surprising, therefore, than the world bank has just pledged a couple of hundred million dollars to aid Nicaragua.  

Now is the time to purchase the dream home you've always wanted. You have your choice of living, in the charming colonial city of Granada, at the beach or on the slopes of a volcanic lagoon with a breath taking view. There is something for EVERYONE in Nicaragua.

INTELLIGENT investers are taking advantage of the country's UNLIMITED potential.  The February 2002 issue of "Conde Nast Traveler" featured an article about ALL Nicaragua has to OFFER.

Our answer, is “Why Not?” Located in the heart of Central America, Nicaragua is an exceptional country with its SPECTACULAR lakes, towering volcanoes, FRIENDLY people and legendary towns filled with cultural richness. The country BECKONS foreigners to come and see all it has to offer.

Some foreigners have already gotten wind of the country’s POTENTIAL. A recent article in USA Today states that over 5,000 Americans currently call Nicaragua their home.

The country is now poised to emerge as a travel hot-spot, a potential haven for expatriates and a place where unlimited OPPORTUNITIES await the energetic entrepreneur. A recent U.S. News and World Report article touted Nicaragua as a HOT new retirement destination, with Central America’s lowest crime rate.

At present, Nicaragua can perhaps be most seriously considered the land of OPPORTUNITY of all the countries in Central America. The country is RIPE for investment because it is so underdeveloped. The government, in particular the Nicaraguan Tourism Institute, is bending over backwards to lure investors with the most aggressive incentive-filled law in Latin America. They realize the importance of the country’s 300 days of SUNSHINE per year and tourist attractions like the country’s wide, UNSPOILED Pacific beaches, wildlife, lakes rivers and volcanoes which are virtually UNTAPPED. They know what a potential impact tourism can give the country’s economy and have witnessed what the tourism boom has meant for neighboring Costa Rica.

Nicaragua has a myriad of business opportunities, PERFECT for the small and medium-sized entrepreneur looking to start a business on a shoestring.
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You can even purchase your own “piece of paradise” for a FRACTION of the cost you might pay in the U.S., Canada or even Costa Rica. One gentleman we know of bought a beachfront lot for a mere $20,000 and spent another $30,000 in constructing his dream home. The same home would have cost three times as much in Costa Rica and probably six to ten times as much in California.

Whether you are a RETIREE or ENTREPRENEUR, you’ll definitely GET more “bang for your buck” in Nicaragua.

The government has gone to great lengths to offer retirees a one-time duty-free EXEMPTION. Basically, retirees are only required to have a fixed income of at least four hundred dollars monthly from a pension or annuity. In addition, they are allowed to bring $10,000 worth of their household goods and other personal items duty-free and untaxed when they first arrive. Another perk is an EXEMPTION from income taxes on income generated from abroad.

The country is for adventurous souls in search of new horizons and a change of pace. Only these people will reap the REWARDS of living in a country like Nicaragua. Much like the PIONEERS who shaped the U.S. in the 19th century, Nicaragua is the “New Frontier.’

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